Tips Finding Your Dream Home

Home is one of the primary needs for everyone. Availability is always sought after, especially by couples who have just built a household. Indeed, properties such as houses are included in long-term investments whose value tends to increase every year. If we buy it this year, the price will change next year.

Many are the causes of rising house prices every year, including tax increases, inflation, to the number of requests that also continue to increase. But unfortunately, the average increase in house prices is not proportional to the increase in average income. The increase in average house prices is far higher than the average income. Ironic indeed. But, wise partner, don’t be discouraged. There are still ways to own a home at an affordable price.


Property developers who give discounts are still very few. The easiest way to enjoy the many discounts on home purchases is to visit a property exhibition.


This point is also very important because the house is expensive and everyone is aware of it. So, we should make sure that since leaving from home things like the budget and type of house needed.

In addition, we can also look for indent target houses. Usually, the indent house costs a lot cheaper than the finished house. But, which still needs to be considered is to adjust again with comfort and needs.


There are many choices for how to buy property, namely buying hard cash, buying cash in stages, buying mortgages, and down payments. If you use a mortgage, we can already calculate how much the installments with the budget that we have determined before.

There are various schemes offered by developers, for example there are developers who set a large DP, a small DP, a DP with gradual installments, and a promo interest because there is cooperation with certain banks, and so on.


Property exhibitions are usually attended by dozens and even hundreds of property developers, ranging from big-scale developers to small-scale developers. If the wise partner does not feel troubled to buy an indent house, it is okay to choose properties that are developed by large developers to be less risky.

Instead, we need to be aware of the risk of buying an indent house in a small-scale developer. In order not to waste time when coming to a property exhibition, you should just look at the list of exhibitors.

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Choosing Monochrome Style Fashion

Even though monochrome colors appear safe, they still have to be clever when combining two colors or when determining their colors. Must be observant when choosing motifs, material materials, combinations and accessories that complement it. Below are some tips on wearing monochrome style clothes.

Understanding body structure
Get to know your body well, what the characters are and how they are structured. These are basic tips on any fashion style, including styles. The better it is to recognize the body, the easier it will be to drop a choice of clothing models that are right for you to wear.

Careful motive selection
Black and white motifs that are paired well with women’s clothing make the appearance look very expressive, because it looks contrasting. It could also be a hit motive, this is very fun if done. The appearance looks more modern and certainly still beautiful. But need to be careful, in the event of hit motives also can not be arbitrary, you should first understand what the trick is like.

Carefully choose the material and texture
Having knowledge of the materials used for clothing is a mandatory thing that must be mastered to choose the style of clothing that will be used. Because the selection of the right material is also a key one in appearance.

Selection of accessories
Actually, you don’t have to always wear accessories with monochrome colors. If interest, can be combined with contrasting colors. Using accessories with contrasting colors will make the look more stylish and edgy.
For example, select accessories with pastel colors or lighten colors that look lit. Pastel colors that are girly or light colors can make the appearance of the hijab monochrome style more characteristic. For example, nude leather bags or even solid red shoes that are also sexy. You can also use a large necklace that is bling-bling with rock details to beautify the look to make it look more glamorous.

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What is sustainable palm oil?


The Palm oil boom is having a major impact on the world. Palm oil plantations have been spreading across Indonesia and Malaysia for the past 30 years. Palm oil is the fastest growing edible oil crop in the world, and now supplies more than half of all edible oil consumed in the world. It is being used in the making of snack foods and even lipstick.


This boom has been accompanied by controversy. There has been concern raised over the use of Palm oil in household products such as margarine, shaving cream, lipstick, soap, margarine, frying oil, frying pans and even in anti-freeze. There are also health issues. Because palm oil contains high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat, people with high cholesterol or high blood pressure should not use it, as it can cause health issues. And now for a scary note, palm oil has been linked to lymphoma, and has been found to be carcinogenic.

Demand for healthier alternatives

With all the controversies, there has been a rise in the demand for healthier alternatives. One of these healthier alternatives is coconut oil. Coconut oil is obtained from coconut milk, and has a smoke point of 300 degrees F, making it without cholesterol, no cholesterol and no saturated fat. It is non-greasy and does not get rancid easily. This has led to the popularity of coconut oil in baking, food items and beauty products such as body wash and hair care products.

Sustainable palm oil

Sustainable palm oil refers to the type of oil that is grown on sustainable plantations without the use of chemicals or toxic pesticides. The plantations are managed in a manner that ensures the sustainable harvesting and preservation of the land for future generations. It is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Rainforest Alliance is an international organization that helps protect tropical forests and forest peoples.

No chemicals

Certified sustainable palm oil is produced without using chemicals to manage land. The oil is grown in so-called Bamboo Plantations, or Rubber Plantations. Plantations in Bamboo are sustainable because they are grown in plantations using biodegradable materials, or in the case of rubber plantations, are grown on trees that have been treated with rubber trees have been chemically treated.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance helps communities around the world recognize the importance of preserving forests and forest peoples by providing them with information about their Bamboo Plantations and Rubber Plantations. In addition to providing communities with information about their plants, they also help communities obtain certificates from Rainforest Alliance to distinguish their plantations as “ecologically managed.” Communities can choose to be certified by the organization or be part of an unrelated organization that is certified. For instance, one community could be part of The Soehnlein Society, another part of the Rainforest Alliance, and yet another part of the Nature Conservancy.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailRead More

3 Tips For Storing Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is extremely beautiful and very unique, so looking after your pieces properly is important. When cared for in the right way, your jewellery has the potential to last for generations, so we have put together a guide of the best ways to store vintage jewellery so it can be enjoyed for a lifetime or more! 

Offer Protection But Let It Breathe

Vintage jewellery should be kept somewhere with some protection, yet it should also be given the opportunity to breathe. This ensures that the jewellery is protected from sunlight and dust, whilst also making sure that moisture doesn’t get trapped and cause serious damage. 

In order to achieve this environment, antique jewellery boxes tend to do the trick, as they usually offer some room for the jewellery to breathe through non-air tight joins in the box. If you have more space, you could invest in jewellery busts or stands to keep in glass storage boxes with some airing holes. This is a beautiful way to display vintage jewellery whilst also protecting it from the dust and potential moisture. 

Choose a Moderate Temperature

Having a room temperature environment for vintage jewellery is essential in assisting with its longevity. The best possible temperature for vintage jewellery is room temperature, between 68 and 77 degrees fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees in celsius. So, you could store the jewellery in a room that can easily be controlled in terms of heat, for example with temperature controlled blinds or a thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature of the room. 

As we know, pipes can burst in cold weather, yet this can also happen to valuable gemstones! Gemstones are extremely sensitive to cold temperatures, as they become fragile in rapid transitions from cold to warm or vice versa. Emeralds are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, so keeping your emerald rings and jewellery in a stable temperature environment is particularly important. 

Hot temperatures are equally as damaging as cold ones. As mentioned, any transition from one temperature to another can be damaging, however sunlight can also cause gemstones to fade and weaker metals could bend or warp when it is especially hot. Jewellery is also sensitive to liquids such as sweat, suncreams, lotions and water, which are all commonly seen during hot weather. So, being cautious of where jewellery is stored, as well as worn, during warm weather is advised. 

Keep Away From Moisture

Finally, moisture can be damaging to vintage jewellery, as it can have an impact on the metal alloy used to create the jewellery. Over time, this will cause it to tarnish quite significantly. Additionally, this is another reason to keep it out of direct sunlight, as this can cause humidity, tarnishing and discolouration. So, the best thing to do is to keep it away from high moisture areas, such as bathrooms. 

Storing the jewellery in a dressing room is ideal, as they are typically low humidity environments. Placing the vintage jewellery within a shelf that will not face a window Read More

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Technology Articles, Technological Information

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