Vintage jewellery is extremely beautiful and very unique, so looking after your pieces properly is important. When cared for in the right way, your jewellery has the potential to last for generations, so we have put together a guide of the best ways to store vintage jewellery so it can be enjoyed for a lifetime or more! 

Offer Protection But Let It Breathe

Vintage jewellery should be kept somewhere with some protection, yet it should also be given the opportunity to breathe. This ensures that the jewellery is protected from sunlight and dust, whilst also making sure that moisture doesn’t get trapped and cause serious damage. 

In order to achieve this environment, antique jewellery boxes tend to do the trick, as they usually offer some room for the jewellery to breathe through non-air tight joins in the box. If you have more space, you could invest in jewellery busts or stands to keep in glass storage boxes with some airing holes. This is a beautiful way to display vintage jewellery whilst also protecting it from the dust and potential moisture. 

Choose a Moderate Temperature

Having a room temperature environment for vintage jewellery is essential in assisting with its longevity. The best possible temperature for vintage jewellery is room temperature, between 68 and 77 degrees fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees in celsius. So, you could store the jewellery in a room that can easily be controlled in terms of heat, for example with temperature controlled blinds or a thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature of the room. 

As we know, pipes can burst in cold weather, yet this can also happen to valuable gemstones! Gemstones are extremely sensitive to cold temperatures, as they become fragile in rapid transitions from cold to warm or vice versa. Emeralds are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, so keeping your emerald rings and jewellery in a stable temperature environment is particularly important. 

Hot temperatures are equally as damaging as cold ones. As mentioned, any transition from one temperature to another can be damaging, however sunlight can also cause gemstones to fade and weaker metals could bend or warp when it is especially hot. Jewellery is also sensitive to liquids such as sweat, suncreams, lotions and water, which are all commonly seen during hot weather. So, being cautious of where jewellery is stored, as well as worn, during warm weather is advised. 

Keep Away From Moisture

Finally, moisture can be damaging to vintage jewellery, as it can have an impact on the metal alloy used to create the jewellery. Over time, this will cause it to tarnish quite significantly. Additionally, this is another reason to keep it out of direct sunlight, as this can cause humidity, tarnishing and discolouration. So, the best thing to do is to keep it away from high moisture areas, such as bathrooms. 

Storing the jewellery in a dressing room is ideal, as they are typically low humidity environments. Placing the vintage jewellery within a shelf that will not face a window or sunlight will also help with the other potential issues discussed above! 


Vintage jewellery can be very sensitive, so investing some time and money into creating the best possible environment will help to make sure that your precious pieces last for generations to come!