What is sustainable palm oil?


The Palm oil boom is having a major impact on the world. Palm oil plantations have been spreading across Indonesia and Malaysia for the past 30 years. Palm oil is the fastest growing edible oil crop in the world, and now supplies more than half of all edible oil consumed in the world. It is being used in the making of snack foods and even lipstick.


This boom has been accompanied by controversy. There has been concern raised over the use of Palm oil in household products such as margarine, shaving cream, lipstick, soap, margarine, frying oil, frying pans and even in anti-freeze. There are also health issues. Because palm oil contains high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat, people with high cholesterol or high blood pressure should not use it, as it can cause health issues. And now for a scary note, palm oil has been linked to lymphoma, and has been found to be carcinogenic.

Demand for healthier alternatives

With all the controversies, there has been a rise in the demand for healthier alternatives. One of these healthier alternatives is coconut oil. Coconut oil is obtained from coconut milk, and has a smoke point of 300 degrees F, making it without cholesterol, no cholesterol and no saturated fat. It is non-greasy and does not get rancid easily. This has led to the popularity of coconut oil in baking, food items and beauty products such as body wash and hair care products.

Sustainable palm oil

Sustainable palm oil refers to the type of oil that is grown on sustainable plantations without the use of chemicals or toxic pesticides. The plantations are managed in a manner that ensures the sustainable harvesting and preservation of the land for future generations. It is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Rainforest Alliance is an international organization that helps protect tropical forests and forest peoples.

No chemicals

Certified sustainable palm oil is produced without using chemicals to manage land. The oil is grown in so-called Bamboo Plantations, or Rubber Plantations. Plantations in Bamboo are sustainable because they are grown in plantations using biodegradable materials, or in the case of rubber plantations, are grown on trees that have been treated with rubber trees have been chemically treated.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance helps communities around the world recognize the importance of preserving forests and forest peoples by providing them with information about their Bamboo Plantations and Rubber Plantations. In addition to providing communities with information about their plants, they also help communities obtain certificates from Rainforest Alliance to distinguish their plantations as “ecologically managed.” Communities can choose to be certified by the organization or be part of an unrelated organization that is certified. For instance, one community could be part of The Soehnlein Society, another part of the Rainforest Alliance, and yet another part of the Nature Conservancy.

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3 Tips For Storing Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is extremely beautiful and very unique, so looking after your pieces properly is important. When cared for in the right way, your jewellery has the potential to last for generations, so we have put together a guide of the best ways to store vintage jewellery so it can be enjoyed for a lifetime or more! 

Offer Protection But Let It Breathe

Vintage jewellery should be kept somewhere with some protection, yet it should also be given the opportunity to breathe. This ensures that the jewellery is protected from sunlight and dust, whilst also making sure that moisture doesn’t get trapped and cause serious damage. 

In order to achieve this environment, antique jewellery boxes tend to do the trick, as they usually offer some room for the jewellery to breathe through non-air tight joins in the box. If you have more space, you could invest in jewellery busts or stands to keep in glass storage boxes with some airing holes. This is a beautiful way to display vintage jewellery whilst also protecting it from the dust and potential moisture. 

Choose a Moderate Temperature

Having a room temperature environment for vintage jewellery is essential in assisting with its longevity. The best possible temperature for vintage jewellery is room temperature, between 68 and 77 degrees fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees in celsius. So, you could store the jewellery in a room that can easily be controlled in terms of heat, for example with temperature controlled blinds or a thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature of the room. 

As we know, pipes can burst in cold weather, yet this can also happen to valuable gemstones! Gemstones are extremely sensitive to cold temperatures, as they become fragile in rapid transitions from cold to warm or vice versa. Emeralds are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, so keeping your emerald rings and jewellery in a stable temperature environment is particularly important. 

Hot temperatures are equally as damaging as cold ones. As mentioned, any transition from one temperature to another can be damaging, however sunlight can also cause gemstones to fade and weaker metals could bend or warp when it is especially hot. Jewellery is also sensitive to liquids such as sweat, suncreams, lotions and water, which are all commonly seen during hot weather. So, being cautious of where jewellery is stored, as well as worn, during warm weather is advised. 

Keep Away From Moisture

Finally, moisture can be damaging to vintage jewellery, as it can have an impact on the metal alloy used to create the jewellery. Over time, this will cause it to tarnish quite significantly. Additionally, this is another reason to keep it out of direct sunlight, as this can cause humidity, tarnishing and discolouration. So, the best thing to do is to keep it away from high moisture areas, such as bathrooms. 

Storing the jewellery in a dressing room is ideal, as they are typically low humidity environments. Placing the vintage jewellery within a shelf that will not face a window Read More

The new way to sell motorcycle parts that will bring you thousands

Things have changed a lot. Only those who have been able to adapt to these changes have managed to stand out. The world of digital business is a fact. You will be able to sell many more motorcycle parts if your business can reach thousands of customers, not only in your city but all over the world. However, for your business to succeed, you don’t just need a good website and a marketing strategy that attracts customers. Your motorcycle parts suppliers need to be able to offer online and real-time access to your inventory. This way you only need a few clicks to stock your motorcycle shop with the spare parts you need. Your customers are looking for quick and easy ways to repair their motorcycles.

Fear is not an option

For some people, change can be anxiety-inducing. You just need to get your hands on it to make things work. Having access to an almost unlimited stock of motorcycle parts is something that cannot be achieved in the traditional way. You may be afraid. But the key is to get a supplier that is able to support you along the way. Selling quality motorcycle parts will depend on your supplier. If you take your business to the digital market, you will be able to reach customers all over the world. Why sell only in your city when you can reach the whole world? Don’t dwell on things that haven’t happened yet. Don’t let fear limit you. Locate a responsible motorcycle parts supplier and the rest will be a piece of cake.

It’s time to play among the big boys

If I were to ask you to think back on everything you had to do to get your motorcycle parts business started, you’re bound to remember some bitter moments. The business world can be fun, but sometimes it can give you more than one headache. We know. If you want to play among the big boys, you have to take risks like the big boys. What many people don’t know is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money in buying motorcycle parts. In the digital age, you don’t have to. You can even connect your website to your supplier’s database. Something similar to what they call dropshipping. To have a successful business you just need to offer quality and excellent customer service. Over time, you will be reaching more and more customers in the world and your business will have stood out from the rest.

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Palm oil is present everywhere

You probably thought you could only find it on the shelves of your favorite supermarket bottled in 1-liter containers. The reality is that palm oil is in a wide variety of products. From the most well-known products such as delicious chocolate spreads and ice creams to cosmetic products, soaps and shampoos. It is even used in the production of biodiesels with high quality, optimum performance and low contamination levels. The secret of palm oil lies in its semi-solid structure that remains stable at room temperature. It is this quality that makes it possible for the products we consume to have a pleasant texture and remain stable at different temperatures. To put it in context, palm oil is the ingredient that keeps your favorite butter from melting easily or the chocolate you spread on your strawberry from falling apart before it reaches your mouth.

High-yielding and ancient benefits

There are records of palm oil cultivation in regions of East and Southeast Africa. They date back more than 5,000 years. With the course of time and the implementation of new technologies, the crops have become more efficient and environmentally friendly. Speaking of numbers, a single palm tree is capable of producing around 40 kg of palm oil per year. This is 4 to 10 times more than other oil crops. It is a crop that offers a high yield per hectare planted. To produce 1 ton of this versatile oil requires the equivalent of 0.37 soccer fields. To give you an idea of its yield, it takes 2 and 2.8 soccer fields to produce the same amount of sunflower and soybean oil, respectively. Less land planted translates into less impact on the environment.

More natural and healthier products

Nowadays, people are much more interested in taking care of their health. They make sure that every product they consume meets the highest standards. Palm oil enables companies to produce food products that are more natural, more durable, better tasting and textured and, above all, healthier. Fats are a vital ingredient in many recipes. They are responsible for providing stability and consistency. In the past, hydrogenated fats were used to achieve optimum consistency. Studies have shown that these fats are harmful to the circulatory system and the heart. Palm oil offers the same stability without the need for hydrogenated fats. The result? A delicious, but above all natural and healthy product. Today, it would be impossible to produce a large number of products without using palm oil. A versatile, high-yielding oil that has come to stay.

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Innovative Miron glass that preserves while it energizes

Miron glass eliminates the need for preservatives. You will obtain 100% natural products that can be stored for weeks without losing their properties.Over the years, we have needed better ways to preserve our biodegradable products. It is very common to come across transparent, green or brown glass containers. Have you seen a purple one? Well, this is Miron glass, a glass that is able to keep the products inside in their natural state for much longer. As it is not necessary to use conservants or preservatives in the preparation of the products, Miron glass is able to store 100% natural products without the risk of damaging them in the short or medium term. This is one of its main advantages. Its use is very common in cosmetic products as it allows for blends that are more natural. Although Miron glass looks black, once it is exposed to light you can notice its violet color.

How does it protect natural products?

You may have noticed that there are products that cannot come into direct contact with sunlight. Although sunlight is a source of energy, it is composed of rays that cause damage. Miron glass acts as a kind of barrier that filters the different rays of light. To put it simply, it allows infrared, violet and ultraviolet light to pass through while blocking the visible light beam. Visible light is responsible for “wilting” products such as tea leaves over time. The rays passing through the Miron glass have the ability to energize the molecular structure of the products. At the microscopic level, the molecules remain stable for much longer. At the level of our eyes, natural products stay fresh for weeks. You will be surprised to see how the weeks go by and your coffee continues to have that smell and taste that you love so much in the mornings.

Is Miron glass new technology?

Incredible as it may seem, the technology behind Miron glass dates back to the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. They used violet-colored vessels to store their most precious oils and substances. As the years went by and the risk of being cut by glass in case of breakage, plastic and preservatives began to be used to keep products fresher for longer. This made the products less natural and more prone to cause allergies. Thanks to improved manufacturing technology, Miron glass is much more resistant and a perfect substitute for harmful plastic and preservatives. Another great advantage is that it is very easy to reuse. Since glass is easy to clean and does not retain odors, it can be used for other purposes without any problems.

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