Miron glass eliminates the need for preservatives. You will obtain 100% natural products that can be stored for weeks without losing their properties.Over the years, we have needed better ways to preserve our biodegradable products. It is very common to come across transparent, green or brown glass containers. Have you seen a purple one? Well, this is Miron glass, a glass that is able to keep the products inside in their natural state for much longer. As it is not necessary to use conservants or preservatives in the preparation of the products, Miron glass is able to store 100% natural products without the risk of damaging them in the short or medium term. This is one of its main advantages. Its use is very common in cosmetic products as it allows for blends that are more natural. Although Miron glass looks black, once it is exposed to light you can notice its violet color.

How does it protect natural products?

You may have noticed that there are products that cannot come into direct contact with sunlight. Although sunlight is a source of energy, it is composed of rays that cause damage. Miron glass acts as a kind of barrier that filters the different rays of light. To put it simply, it allows infrared, violet and ultraviolet light to pass through while blocking the visible light beam. Visible light is responsible for “wilting” products such as tea leaves over time. The rays passing through the Miron glass have the ability to energize the molecular structure of the products. At the microscopic level, the molecules remain stable for much longer. At the level of our eyes, natural products stay fresh for weeks. You will be surprised to see how the weeks go by and your coffee continues to have that smell and taste that you love so much in the mornings.

Is Miron glass new technology?

Incredible as it may seem, the technology behind Miron glass dates back to the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. They used violet-colored vessels to store their most precious oils and substances. As the years went by and the risk of being cut by glass in case of breakage, plastic and preservatives began to be used to keep products fresher for longer. This made the products less natural and more prone to cause allergies. Thanks to improved manufacturing technology, Miron glass is much more resistant and a perfect substitute for harmful plastic and preservatives. Another great advantage is that it is very easy to reuse. Since glass is easy to clean and does not retain odors, it can be used for other purposes without any problems.